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3D Trade Center

The 3D Trade Center is a new tool like a 3D social network : a user making a pro-active move regarding any exhibitor in the 3D Trade Center scores a business deal.

3DTC welcomes English's version

Posted on June 6 2009 by 3D TRADE CENTER in NEW3S's News :

09 May 4th : 3DTC welcomes English's version.

"Entrepreneurs, welcome to the 3D-Trade-Centre.
You're probably aware of the definition given to this 3rd phase of the internet: real-time and interactive.
These two words place the interaction between you and your audience, between your products and your cyber-visitors, at the core of our concept."

Hervé Heully – NEW3S President-Managing Director

New3S's 3D-Trade-Centre tool is not only user-friendly, pleasant and education, it's also quite powerful.
The 3D-Trade-Centre, which was created in November 2008, provides you with international exposure. This is because the tool generates traffic from both communities as well as corporations located around the world!

New3S's 3DTC de New3S won the "greatest value proposition for SME’s" award at the 2009 World Intraverse Awards (2009 WIVA).

"With New3S's 3D Trade Centre, we are ready to handle tomorrows 3D internet stakes, with 3D transactions taking place within innovative collaborative areas, with significantly increased average purchase amounts and customer conversion rates multiplied by 5 - 10 thanks to rich media and immersion.
Having won the 1st prize at the 2009 IntraVerse Awards 2009, organised by B-R-Ent from Imagina, a new window to the world has opened up.
UbiFrance and Cap Digital's support has allowed NEW3S to demonstrate its technology in North America and to create new 3D and e-commerce tradeshows in new areas that offer a peek at what the internet will be like tomorrow."

Paris Digital Conference - 27 April 2009
Gilbert Reveillon – Information and Communication Technologies Manager for the entity in charge of France's Foreign Trade activities.

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