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3D Trade Center

The 3D Trade Center is a new tool like a 3D social network : a user making a pro-active move regarding any exhibitor in the 3D Trade Center scores a business deal.

Major upgrade on 3D Virtual Trade Show Systems !

Posted on February 15 2012 by 3D TRADE CENTER in NEW3S's News :

Major upgrade on 3D Virtual Trade Show Systems !

Discover the Travel Open Market- TOM- 1st Virtual 3D Tourism Trade Show

Your sales agent :
Tél : +33(0)2 97 56 20 27
Mob : +33(0)6 37 72 25 67
Mail : tredez.benoit@wanadoo.fr


The software publisher of the device New3S has been rewarded with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd price in the category PME for a platform that manages projects of all sizes: from a 3D Space style Office or Stand, to a Showroom, to a private Salon...to Exportation window display, to a Training Centre, etc. This platform allows for improvement in trading at a lower cost.
Trecom is a virtual commercial renown in the tourism industry with an average of 30.000 visitors/months producers and distributors of tourism spanning over 137 countries. By means of its clients' flyers distributed worldwide, Trecom encourages the professionals of tourism to come and exchange ideas on the TOM. Trecom recommend to tourism producers to participate in forums, in spaces equipped with thematic shows, targeted marketing action plans (brochure publication, challenge, reward, etc) in order to allow the distributors to find qualitative and quantitative information's on the TOM. Trecom will therefore be able to advertise a concept to the entire sector of tourism.
The combination of these two players will help develop a pleasant, useful and original tool for the tourism community. TOM demonstrates that trading can be facilitated and accessible to a wider number of tourism professionals in contrast or in addition to trade shows that force on numerous constraints in a restrictive economical climate: some people in the tourism industry are until today, deprived or under pressure to reduce their trading exchange.

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