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3D Trade Center

The 3D Trade Center is a new tool like a 3D social network : a user making a pro-active move regarding any exhibitor in the 3D Trade Center scores a business deal.

Visit EDZERZA e-Gallery-3D hosted on 3D-TRADE-CENTER

Posted on February 14 2010 by 3D TRADE CENTER in Exhibitor's it's your turn

3D-TRADE-CENTER is my retailer in Europe. My 3D web gallery is designed to discover my complete portfolio.

The Native Art shown as a real museum in 3D on the Web.
Simply visit the e-gallery-3D as you never have experienced it.
Take major benefit of the immersive experience to discover the poower of native art, northwest pacific coast.

The real and virtual Edzerza Gallery exhibit a mix of traditional and contemporary master artworks from the Northwest Coast of British Columbia, Canada.


The vision of Edzerza Gallery is to make First Nations Art appealing and accessible to seasoned collectors and first-time buyers alike. To these ends, we stock a wide range of products and artistic services and provide friendly and knowledgable help.


Reincarnated after a change of ownership, the Gallery has a burgeoning collection and a keen eye for exceptional artists at all stages of their careers.

Located at the gateway of Granville Island, the gallery is easy to reach from many areas of Vancouver, and within walking distance of many popular shopping areas. For those with cars, there is plenty of parking nearby.

The Edzerza Gallery has the distinction of being Vancouver's only artist-run First Nations Gallery.

Alano Designs Dutch Uniforms for 2010 Winter Olympics

January 2010: In co-operation with the ASICS Corporation, Alano Edzerza has designed the uniforms for the Netherland's Olympic team for the 2010 Winter Games.


Watch the video : http://www.3d-trade-center.com/salon-corporation-3d/edzerza/cms.asp?CatRef=4



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